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Can XBAP run under full-trust mode

A WPF Application can developed to run as standalone or browser based application(XBAP).
In XBAP version there are limitations, like accessing network, SQL operation, file IO operations etc. Because XBAP, by default, run under Partial Trust mode. You can switch on XBAP to a Full Trust mode anyway. But there are some limitations in terms of deployment. Full trust XBAP application will only run in local machine as we expected. Even if we set XBAP as Full Trust, it will failed to load in intranet or Internet zone.

Figure 1: When deploy under full trust mode on remote location.
To run under full trust, we want to do one of the followings,
Install XBAP to the local machine (deploy as .msi file).
Sign the XBAP using a trust certificate and install that certificate to the client machine using cermgr.exe
Authorise application URI to be trusted using caspol.exe or .NET 2.0 configuration wizard.
First one is very straightforward but, all things have to done at each client machine. If you really want t…