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Windows Could Not Start Enterprise Single Sign-On Service

In Windows 7 development machine, suddenly I got following error  when starting the ESSO service.Windows could not start the Enterprise Single Sign-On Service
service on Local Computer
Error 0x80131700: 0x80131700
If check the windows event viewer, we can see,Could not create SSOSQL. To fix the problem, reinstall SSO or try 'regasm SSOSQL.dll' from a Visual Studio command prompt.
Error Code: 0x80131700
I ran “regasm” and it is worked.

Brandix B2B (EDI) Implementation

This project was totally new to me. I knew about EDI, but no experiences in the past. But I took the challenge and did our own researches over 2 months and implemented within 6 months. We used Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 to implement this.Abstract of the projectOur(Brandix*) one of leading buyer(Mark And Spencer) wanted to implement Business-to-Business (B2B) application with us.So that they can raise their purchase orders and receive invoices electronically. Within 48 hours we will receive invoices status,E.g. Invoice Processing Successful, automatically.  ArchitectureDownload Purchase OrdersBuyer raises the purchase order through a trading partner. Our EDI system subscribes that PO. Process in BizTalk server and immediately send email notification to the relevant merchandiser.
Upload InvoicesInvoices been processed from our logistic system and upload them to the EDI system (BizTalk server/SQL server) Make the EDI file based on the given EDI specification inside the BizTalk se…