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Infor M3 TechEd 2017

It is so exciting to be here in Sweden & to participate 2nd Infor M3 TechEd event. In the keynote session today (by Ole Ramsussen – Infor M3 Product Global Director) following key points were mentioned. Infor Xi platform   There are 3 extensibility levels for end users (HomePages), consultants(App Builder) & developers(Mongoose).13.4 highlights Full support of Xi platformAvailable both on-prem & cloudExtensibility improvements 288 performance improvementsFactory Track as warehouse mobility solutionSoho designCloud strategy  Multi tenant ColudSuites 11.1 M3 CE planned to release in 2018 for F&B , Distribution enterprise, Fashion, Equipment & chemicals M3 Cloud Edition 19.1 panned to release in 2019.Infor M3 roadmap Utilize the power of Xi platformRemove tech legacy Cloud strategy as above point #3Strategically below components are going away.IPA –> ION WorkflowLBI –> InforBI/BirstISO –> M3 H5 client/MingleMashup Designer –> Infor App Builder Infor OS : I…

Access APIs , When you don’t have MI Test

When you want to run an API, MITest (external tool or inside ISO Client ) is a handy tool. But if you have them, for an example in H5 client you cannot call MITEST, still, there is a way to an API. You need to have LCM access or server view access.
Steps: Following steps were captured in LCM.Go to the Topology View in Infor ION Grid Management pages and find M3ApiWS.  The expand it.
Then Click on MI-WS. Then click on Global Management Pages (M3-API-WS). In the next
You will get the page where you can select Program, Transaction & run.

A New Beginning

Today we embarked a new journey. Brandix I3 became Fortude ( . I’m very proud that I WAS one of the first team at Brandix I3 & I’M now one of the first team at Fortude. My Team & I, as M3 development team,  supported to grow Brandix I3, working with almost  all it’s customers. We are not going to stop. We are endeavouring as development HUB to grow Fortude exponentially. !