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BizTalk 2010 EDI : Parties/Party Migration

Parities cannot be directly migrated from order version to BizTalk 2010. Because,  Trading Partner Management (TPM) has been re-engineered in BizTalk 2010. You have to use BizTalk Server Party Migration Tool. Party Creation in 2010 is more logical & practical than 2006 R2. New changes are:We have to create a party (Trading Partner) along with a business profile. Business Profile is analogue to the business divisions in an organization where can have multiple. Each business profiles define parameters for B2B messaging like identifiers, Encoding formats, Protocol  settings.

Figure 1In order to do B2B messaging, we have to define agreement(s) between trading partners. This is very easy to use and understand. 

Figure 2

As of Figure 2, once you select the second party (number 3 in the picture)  two more tabs on the dialog (number 6) where you defines the interchange and transaction set settings based on the protocol selected. 

If you have created protocol settings when creating party, y…

BizTalk 2010 Error: Schema referenced by Map ‘<map name>’ has been deleted.

When my BizTalk 2006 R2 applications going to be migrated to BizTalk 2010, I did test run on my test server( BizTalk 2010 on Windows 2008R2 64bit). Then I choose one of simple live-running application to test with, and I got following error in BizTalk administration console.
TITLE: BizTalk Server Administration
Schema referenced by Map 'Map name goes here' has been deleted. The
local, cached version of the BizTalk Server group configuration is out of date.
You must refresh the BizTalk Server group configuration before making further
changes. (Microsoft.BizTalk.Administration.SnapIn)
For help, click:

This is yet another message from BizTalk with no help at all.  I could not be able to refresh whole BizTalk Group\Applications Node in the BizTalk Administration con…