Mar 13, 2009

Application File Not Valid in XBAP

When you see this error in XBAP application, which means you changed application manifest file from outside. To resolve this
we can use .net tool, which comes with .net SDK, called mage.exe or mageui.exe. More about mage.exe
Frequently used commands to resolve this is mage.exe -u and mage.exe -cc.
Actually this really happened to me, for one user, problem was remain even use mage.exe until he re-install .net runtime.

Mar 5, 2009

How to create Biztalk schema from FOR XML EXPLICIT

It's very straightforward to create Biztalk schema for SQL adapter if we use FOR XML AUTO. But we'll come across that FOR XML AUTO is not enough to get data from SQL, so that we use FOR XML EXPLICIT. In this case we have to follow some additional things to get biztalk schema generated properly. I''l go step-by-step with an example. This situation really came to me that's why I motivated to do this post.

  1. Assume my SP,BIZTK_GetPPS300Attributes @pono, will generates required XML data set with FOR XML EXPLICIT.

  2. Open Visual Studio and switch to Biztalk Explorer.
    Create a Receive Port.
    Create a Receive Location for that port and set following properties

    Set Address(URI) property as following

    Value of Document Root Element Name will be Root Element of schema.
    Document Target Namespace will be schema's target namespace
    For this example SQL Command will be exe BIZTK_GetPPS300Attributes 12345

  3. Create a send port and set following properties

  4. Enable Receive Location and start Send port by right clicking on them.

  5. Now receive location will execute SQL command that you set and save the XML file in the location where you set in step 3. At this stage we dont want to validate against schema so that we set send/receive pipe line to PassThru.

  6. Go to your biztalk project, select Generated Schemas option from Add Generated Items dialog box, give the XML file just you created.

  7. Cool. Biztalk schema is properly generated.

Control Properties in MEC

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