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Did you Know?

A fantastic video found in YouTube, should check this out.

Challenge your world: Day Final

The sessions that I attended today, I can categorized into three.
Technical (Most of the time) 4.0 by Seok Chern.He has showed us new features of Like background task, async file uploading, email verification etc. AppFabric- without setting up webfarms we can distribute load across multiple servers. CSS Sprites- If you have 4 images to show in the page, typically will call 4 server request to get those image files from the folder. But using Sprites technique runtime will get those 4 images as 1 image from the folder and show it in the page.  SmartyRoute – eg: we can omit file extension in the browser address bar but still load the resource. You can type instead of .
SmatyRoute enables load dynamic pages based on the parameters given in the URL.PromotionalMicrosoft Dynamics introduction were held by Krishnan Muralidharan.Lisa Tay showed us xRM as a rapid application development freamwork with…

Challenge your world: Day Two

Bruce Schneier, The security guru – The Economist , delivered a speech under topic Re conceptualizing Security. In that one hour session, he convince us that he is a real security guru. And he discussed what security models passed down with our generations and how it think in that way to apply security concepts in IT. Though it is not technical session but quite interesting one which change the way thinking of security.

Its took my attention what he explained about Feelings, Model and Reality in terms of security.

In the next session, PrasannaAmirthalingam has presented Tips & Tricks with WCF 4.0. Some of the interesting things are,
Missing address discovery using UDPDiscoveryServiceService request routingValidating inputs (Parameter Inspectors) in WCF pipeline which will enable to plug or unplug without modifying the current WCF service.CachingImplementing REST principlePinal Dave showed us the other side of SQL Server index which we already know but use it wrong way. It is also…

Challenge your world: Day One

MicrosoftTec Ed 2010 SriLanka is now happening in Colombo. This time its theme becames
Challenge your world. It is quit thrilling experience to SriLankan IT professionals. It will be last 3 days, today is the day first. I am one of attendee on behalf of my company(BrandixLanka).

Here is the summary of sessions which I attended to,

Sliverlight 4.0 (Beta) (Speaker : RismanAdnan) ,Some of the new cool features were introduced, among them ,
Drag’N Drop- you can drag files from your local hard drive into the Silverlight application.Printing Capabilities.Right Click facility which enables to add context menu to the application.Integrating web cam with Silverlight applications.Feature that I’ve thrilled is Out of Browser enhancement. Darren Sim has explained to us about VS2010 and its new features and 4 .0 and AJAX CDN(Content Delivery Network). 4.0 comes with,
Lots of Charts including financial and statistics. Now creating a chart as easy as binding data to a Gird control.AJAX …