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Control Properties in MEC

When we want to keep some parameters in the MEC we often use “.properties” file.  But alternatively we also can use Control properties in the Partner Administrator.
The control properties can be accessed from the MEC mapper using the following code.
String strVariable = getManifestInfo("agr:outputFolderPath");
Hint: You can add control properties to the individual “Agreement” or to the “Group”.
Depending on the situation, we can choose the suitable method to use. Below comparison will help to choose appropriate method.
Control PropertiesProperties FileFormatKey,Value formatKey, Value formatDeploymentWill be ported to the environment with import/export function.Possibility to miss the file to copy unless it is documented properly. CodeVery easy. No explicit initiation of objects.One line required to access the variable.  Not very easy. Need to read the file and initiate property object. Require few extra coding to access first variable.UsageProperties to be used in a…