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MEC: How to Set Message Counter for EDI Message

When you sending/creating EDI messages it is necessary to include unique message interchange number. This is to ensure each message that we are sending is unique. In EANCOM/EDIFACTElement 0020 of UNB segment:
UNB+UNOA:4+xxxxxxx:14+xxxxxx+20160905:0831+00000000000057+    +ORDERS++1'In X12Element ISA13 of ISA segment:
ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*167520391 *ZZ*39319445 *991201*1248*U*00200*000000001*0*P*>This number need to be persistent. The middleware we are using for EDI transformation should cater this requirement. I used MS-BizTalk  Server for two EDI projects, which cater the same. (just by a configuration)M3 e-Collaborator (MEC) does the same thing in a different way. In the MEC database (e.g. MEC_Storage_TST) has a table (UTIL_Message_Counters) for this purpose. Table structure is like this:Note 1: To be able to use this class you must first create this table (use the SQL script MeC_Utilities_db_script.sql). You don’t have to enter a record or write code to save/get data. Instead, you …