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IIS 7.5: 401 Unauthorized Access Error (Keep prompting Username/password)

BackgroundYesterday, my applications were migrated to Windows 2008 R2 (64bit). All applications configurations are,Developed using .NET v 2.0 & 3.5 Using 32bit COM/wrapper for ERP access Windows AuthenticationWithout recompiling, applications were migrated to IIS 7.5. Actions taken on IIS for above 3 are, respectively, Used “Classic .NET AppPool”Set “Enable 32-Bit Applications
Enabled Windows Authentication
ProblemAll are accessed by our local intranet users. 95% of the workstations using Windows 7. Rest the XP users complaining me they cannot use the applications, in which keep asking the User Name/password. Though they have entered their domain user name and password it did not accept. SolutionAfter one & half day attempt, I solved this issue. Solution can be found in KB 896861. Folks, if you face the same problem, go head with Method 2 in the KB.Excerpt from the KBMethod 2: Disable the loopback check (less-recommended method) The second method is to disable the lo…