Movex Class Builder

For my current projects @ Brandix Lanka, we want to create couple of interfaces for Movex ERP. In Movex, functionalities exposes in a way of API.

My duty is create C# classes for particular API, to data retrieval or update. We have already created a wrapper class for Movex connection.

I created MS-Visual Studio Add-in to generates C# classes for particular API.

  1. you can browse Movex API details.
  2. Generates C# class to the current project and organised by API automatically.
  3. Integrated to the VS IDE
  4. Currently supports for VS2005 and VS2008


Björn said…
Hi Kelum,

this all look very neat. The embedded repository interface I liked especially. I'm certain you will have good use for the generators when you continue your project.

Björn Pettersson
Product Owner M3 API
Lawson Product Development.
Kelum Ganegoda said…
Thanks Bjorn. Yes this is very very useful. This tool i create becuase we came across problems when using other tools. Currently this add-in creates C# code files only. I'm plan to go for other languages as well.
Matt Frazier said…
How do we get access to this API?
Matt Frazier said…
Is there a place to download or purchase this code for the Movex Class Builder?
Hi Matt,

This tool was created by me to incorporate with our current framework. I haven’t generalized this tool yet. So you can’t download or purchase this for the moment. Did you interest on this tool anyway?

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