Move to Movex (M3)

From 2012-12-10, I’ve engaged with M3 , development. Now, I’m playing Senior Technical Lead role.  But I’m still interesting .net development which is my core strength.

What is M3

It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for, specially, the fashion industry known as Movex. Originally it was developed by Intentia, a Sweden company and somewhere around 2008 it was acquired by Lawson. In late 2012, Infor1 has acquired M3.


To discuss about the technology, it will take pages. In this post, I’m only going to talks about briefly.

  1. M3BE (M3 Business Engine) is the core component in M3. It is Java. It’s encapsulates ERP functionalities and Data Access Layer. Main data base is DB2, but new versions supports multiple data sources, including MS SQL server.
  2. ISO (Infor Smart Office)- is the front end for the users and client based application. It is WPF  (Microsoft Presentation Foundation) client application.

ISOFigure 1: Infor Smart Office


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