Development with MEC older version

Presently I’m working with a MEC older version (Ver 9.1).

This version is not part of an Eclipse plugin. It’s a standalone application that use for MEC mapper development. Very tedious to work with.

MEC Mapper different than the Eclipse version. But Flat file definition tool, it’s manager & the partner agreement tool looks the same.

Mapping manger looks like this.

Mapping Manger

  1. Load button to retrieve all the existing mappings.
  2. New button to create a new one
  3. Generate & Publish buttons to compile the map & deploy to the server
  4. Import & export button: Once you create a map, you cannot change it. Instead, import existing version and export with a new changes and new version number

Mapper looks like this.


  1. Mapping flow is organized in “tree-view” like structure.
  2. You can generate the map from this screen. But to publish you have to close this and go back to Mapping manger & publish.
  3. Two options to save (to DB & to File)
  4. Validate map option also available on this screen.


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