Brandix B2B (EDI) Implementation

This project was totally new to me. I knew about EDI, but no experiences in the past. But I took the challenge and did our own researches over 2 months and implemented within 6 months. We used Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 to implement this.

Abstract of the project

Our(Brandix*) one of leading buyer(Mark And Spencer) wanted to implement Business-to-Business (B2B) application with us.So that they can raise their purchase orders and receive invoices electronically. Within 48 hours we will receive invoices status,E.g. Invoice Processing Successful, automatically. 


  • Download Purchase Orders
  1. Buyer raises the purchase order through a trading partner.
  2. Our EDI system subscribes that PO.
  3. Process in BizTalk server and immediately send email notification to the relevant merchandiser.
    Download Purchase Orders
  • Upload Invoices
  1. Invoices been processed from our logistic system and upload them to the EDI system (BizTalk server/SQL server)
  2. Make the EDI file based on the given EDI specification inside the BizTalk server.
  3. Upload to the trading partner.
    Upload Invoices

Props & Cons

  1. Implementation cost is bit higher
  2. Reduce paper works
  3. Minimal data entry, hence time saving 
  4. Seamless business process


* Brandix is the FIRST Sri Lankan company using Ms-BizTalk server for B2B integration in Sri Lanka.


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