Movex Tech Training from Lawson

My current employer (Brandix Lanka) arranged a MoveX technical training from Lawson, our ERP vendor. It took 12 days and today is the last day.

Mr. Daniel Rodrigo Olea , EMEA Technical Project Manager of Lawson software is the presenter and delivered marvelous sessions to our team. Daniel Rodrigo Olea

Very first day, we were totally blank of what he is talking about. But he guided us in a way that we were able to understand almost everything in Movex code.




Areas that we covered in the training,

  1. MAK tool
  2. Creating/modifying Movex Program
  3. Creating/modifying View Definition
  4. Creating/modifying M3 API
  5. Managing Out Interface
  6. Data tables, Data Structures, CL in M3
  7. Lawson web services to interact with M3 programs and APIs.
  8. and much more…


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