Creating MS SharePoint meeting workspace from MS Outlook 2010

Microsoft SharePoint is tremendous collaboration tool for an organization.  As a software engineer I’m using SharePoint to manage my team, their activities, event customers requirements.

In SharePoint, we can manage meeting workspace where we can store relevant documents, agenda, decisions etc. All attendees can share them, hence it is easy to use for later references.

Here is the simple steps to create meeting workspace from Outlook 2010.

  1. Adding “Meeting Workspace” icon image to the Quick Access tool bar of Meeting window.
    • Go to “Calendar”
    • File-> Option & follow the numbered
  2. Setup the meeting request as usually.
    • Click on “Meeting Workspace” icon
    • Now you can see a panel named “Meeting Workspace” on the right hand side of Meeting request window.
    • There,
      Select a Location.
      Select a type of Meeting workspace. Eg. Basic Meeting Workspace, Blank Meeting Workspace etc.
    • Click on “Link” button and it will embed to meeting workspace link to the email body.


By Default, all invited associates will be granted to read, write and delete information in the workspace.


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