Visual Studio Add-Ins not showing in the “Tool” menu

For my developments, I am using VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010 side  by side. I have developed couple of Add-ins (XML Add-Ins) for my own use to ease the development, one can be found in this blog.

Last week I installed DB2 connection tool kit( for testing purposes) which installed a VS Add-in (COM Add-in) too. I removed that product from my system, it also removing the Add-ins. My other Add-ins also gone from the “Tool” menu (This happened only to VS 2005 & 2008).

But in Add-In Manger I can see them,

VS Add-In Manger

What I did?

I found lots of tips from the Net. All are talking about Registry Entries and devenv command.

  1. running
    devenv /setup


  2. Changing

    <MyAddIn Name> value

    value 2 to 1 failed.
  3. running
    devenv.exe /resetaddin [Namespace].Class

    worked. This wont delete any Add-ins from the disk. You have to re-load them from the Add-ins Manger.



  1. Visual Studio Forums
  2. MZ-Tools


Anonymous said…
this was helpful ,,1st option worked for me ..

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