How MEC Message Flow Work

Like any other middle-ware application MEC has unique architectural components. Below diagram depicts them.


  1. Inbound message will be consumed by the MEC and goes through detection rules defined in the partner agreement. Detection is either channel or XML detection. If inbound message is a flat file, channel detection will be used.
    For XML detection, inbound message must have meta data to configure the detection.

    Note below payload has RequestHeader as meta data.
    <!-- Items goes here-->

    detection configuration is:
    • Detection information  & rules are saved in MEC storage. MEC will evaluate all saved detections (in a order) until its find the correct one.
  2. Once the detection has passed, process the message based on the defined processing steps. (in the given order)
    • These steps are also saved on the MEC Storage
  3. Generate the output message.


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