Challenge your world: Day Two

Bruce Schneier, The security guru – The Economist , delivered a speech under topic Re conceptualizing Security. In that one hour session, he convince us that he is a real security guru. And he discussed what security models passed down with our generations and how it think in that way to apply security concepts in IT. Though it is not technical session but quite interesting one which change the way thinking of security.

Its took my attention what he explained about Feelings, Model and Reality in terms of security.

In the next session, Prasanna Amirthalingam has presented Tips & Tricks with WCF 4.0. Some of the interesting things are,
  • Missing address discovery using UDPDiscoveryService
  • Service request routing
  • Validating inputs (Parameter Inspectors) in WCF pipeline which will enable to plug or unplug without modifying the current WCF service.
  • Caching
  • Implementing REST principle
Pinal Dave showed us the other side of SQL Server index which we already know but use it wrong way. It is also interesting session that attracted everyone’s’ attention. He proved us worst cases when using index without knowing it. The conclusion of this session is,
  1. Drop unused indexes
  2. Always have clustered index
  3. Use filtered index( new to Ms-SQL 2008)
  4. Use User Defined Functions(UDF) wisely.

I have learnt lot of things today and as a totally I’m happy for the day with tech ed.


Pinal Dave said…
Thank you attending session.

It was really pleasure to attend TechEd Sri Lanka and meet wonderful people like you.

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