Challenge your world: Day One

Microsoft Tec Ed 2010 Sri Lanka is now happening in Colombo. This time its theme becames
Challenge your world.
 It is quit thrilling experience to Sri Lankan IT professionals. It will be last 3 days, today is the day first. I am one of attendee on behalf of my company(Brandix Lanka).

Here is the summary of sessions which I attended to,

Sliverlight 4.0 (Beta) (Speaker : Risman Adnan) ,Some of the new cool features were introduced, among them ,
  • Drag’N Drop- you can drag files from your local hard drive into the Silverlight application.
  • Printing Capabilities.
  • Right Click facility which enables to add context menu to the application.
  • Integrating web cam with Silverlight applications.
  • Feature that I’ve thrilled is Out of Browser enhancement.
Darren Sim has explained to us about VS2010 and its new features and 4 .0 and AJAX CDN(Content Delivery Network). 4.0 comes with,
  • Lots of Charts including financial and statistics. Now creating a chart as easy as binding data to a Gird control.
  • AJAX Toolkit – now totally supported by Microsoft.
  • MVC 2.0
  • URL rewriting
  • SEO optimization
  • And we can create packages to deploy applications with VS2010.
In addition to that there were following sessions too,
  1. What's new in Exchange 2010 by Madhusudan Kohli & Aviraj Ajgekar
  2. Optimize your Windows 7 Deployments with System Center by Charlie Tan
  3. New Features in SQL Server 2008 R2 by Rushab Metha
  4. Managing Exchange Server with System Center by Charlie Tan
  5. Data Protection Manager 2010 by David Foo
  6. The history of the Log: Change Data Capture (CDC) by Pinal Dave
  7. Active Directory Federation Services v2 by Brian Puhl
  8. SharePoint Server 2010 by Joy Rathnayake
  9. Introducing the Microsoft Web Platform by EdQuek


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